Cleveland Artists Debut New Exhibit a Year in the Making.

Artist Melanie Newman booked the show at Tremont gallery Doubting Thomas a whole year in advance.  Her theory was that the early warning would provide an opportunity for the group of artists involved to have ample time to get inspired and create something meaningful.
The show incorporates a group of artists, some who have worked together, some who have played in bands together – all connected somehow in the Cleveland community. The exhibit is cheekily called, The Ladies and Their John. The cast includes:
Melanie Newman, a graduate of Cleveland Institute of Art, has been exhibiting in the area for more than 20 years.
John Kalman, a nearly permanent fixture at the Grog Shop. John has played in bands like Founding Fathers, Roue, Terminal Lovers, Fits of Hail, as well as playing his own solo work. 
Brittany M. Hudak works for CAN Journal, as well as also curating her own shows and working in digital media.
Sarah Isenhart, a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, says she is drawn first and foremost to materials. This particular show finds her working in a larger format and showcasing her love of embroidery.
Heath Gmucs has been in bands such as Hot Cha Cha and Goldmines.  Heath works at Gotta Groove Records, runs Wax Mage Records, and has a serious passion for vinyl.
Yosafa Deutsch, has a a Masters of Fine Arts from Washington University in St. Louis, from her bio – “After taking the long road to finishing a BFA in sculpture and an MFA in Visual Arts, and a hiatus from art making altogether, Yosafa Deutsch is creating work in a tiny apartment.  The world is cellular, and endlessly intrigues her.”
Natalia Dale has been taking pictures since she was a little girl, and can be found working on different photography projects in Cleveland.
When asked about the show, Melanie remarked, “When curating a show with artists who have not worked together in the past, it can be tricky because the art may or may not work well together in the show.  With this show all of the pieces seem to fit together, and there is a great conversation between them as you move through the gallery.  I am most excited that we really pulled of a successful body of work with little communication during the art-making process.”
The show opens this Friday, January 11, 2018 during Walkabout Tremont. Hours are from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Update: Because of the snow storm that hit Cleveland on the day of the opening a Closing Party has been added! Join the artists on Sunday, January 21st from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Details here

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