BrandiBioBrandi McElhatten

Brandi McElhatten, INFJ, is a late bloomer. In her oddly timed life, she has met Keanu Reeves, won $1000 for providing outstanding customer service, has danced on stage dressed as Santa Claus with The Flaming Lips, had a cameo in a tourism video for Cleveland with her daughter, worked for a Cosmetology School, and has moonlighted doing social media promotion for countless small, handicraft businesses. She was born on an island in the Pacific and now resides blocks away from the Great Lake Erie with her family and a small brigade of tabby cats.


Former Contributors:


RyanRyan LaRosa

Ryan LaRosa is a fully functional, somewhat responsible adult male. He has visited 28 or 29 countries and would like to visit 167 or 166 more countries. He doesn’t like easy labels but if that’s what you prefer he likes craft beer, David Foster Wallace, Phish, travel, Cleveland sports teams and Tokyo. Actually, ignore that, he likes all kinds of music, beer, sports and writers. He currently lives in Tokyo with his wife and two little people.

christineChristine Vega

American born from Mexican parents. I’m one of seven kids, grew up in poverty to graduate Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland State University in 2005 (Art and Religious Studies). I married my one and only love (who I met in ’94). We have 2 boys, one is a newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetic. I love my family, I adore my friends, I try to be a good person. I just want to show my kids that with hard work, an education, and kindness in your heart we can be the change we hope to see in the world. Somewhere in there I take pictures, make art, I help my sister with her salon, obsessed with my cats and I run races to work off the food and wine that I LOVE.

KeithBioKeith Kanderski

Keith is the Ghrammy Award winning singer from Pudding & Fruit and the current Musicians Anonymous Cleveland, creating thought-provoking music, whose beautifully crafted chord-changes and vocals were said to bring Saddam Hussein to tears and caused him to turn himself in to the US Military (yeah, that’s the real story). Keith was also the United States’ first Poet Laureate to write and speak solely in limerick (“I hired an intern from Nantucket” – you know the rest). He has also appeared on the New York Times Bestseller list for 32 weeks, but that streak finally came to an end when he got tired of crossing out other books and writing in his own. Keith is also married, has two kids and two cats, enjoys running (Meb has been known to seek out Keith’s advice before marathons), and graduated with a degree in Creative Writing from Cleveland State University Harvard. His goal is to one day develop a sense of humor. His most endearing trait is that he DOESN’T know how to lie.

SamBioSamantha Hartman

I am a Pittsburgh, PA native, who recently left the nest and city life behind to relocate to Wyoming for a job in the graphic design field. In addition to designing, I enjoy traveling, photography, redoing furniture, and exploring the great outdoors. I also run a small business called Infinite Abyss, where I create home decor from reclaimed materials, and handbags from vintage fabrics. Someday I would like to do more snorkeling and become better at cooking, but for now I am happily learning to enjoy the little things.

hollieHollie Gantzer

Hollie Gantzer is a recovering cynic and aspiring positive thinker. She has an undergraduate degree from Ohio University, a master’s degree from DePaul University, and currently works in the marketing department for one of the Big Four professional services firms. A rabid lover of caffeine, naps, yoga, peanut butter and Back to the Future, she resides on the west side of Cleveland.

NicoleNicole Lee Martin

Nicole Lee Martin is a public librarian, animal lover, proud life-long Ohioan, nature adventurer, bibliophile, comic book geek and painter. She lives in a small but cozy century home in Lakewood, Ohio with her boyfriend and two cats. She loves living only a short walk away from the shores of beautiful Lake Erie, a well-executed latte, hiking and dancing whenever possible.

Special Thanks goes to: Sean Burns, Martin Schneider, Ron Kretsch, and Anna Troyer.