Exploring The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

It’s January in Cleveland and freezing cold. We’ve been lucky if has gotten up to 10 degrees the past week. It’s also been Winter break for my kiddo, and we have all been taking turns fighting off germ-fests so it hasn’t been a super activity-filled break. We are lucky to have a pretty wide array of things to do indoors to keep us busy in town. I decided to live dangerously and take Friday off to take Beebs to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s latest exhibit, The Jazz Age: American Style in the 1920s. It’s in its last days and is wrapping up on the 14th of this month.

The Jazz Age, also referred to as the Roaring Twenties, came after the first World War and before the Depression. It saw the birth of jazz music, prohibition and speakeasies, as well as daring design and craftsmanship.

I am going to be honest, my kiddo and I tried to record a podcast but the Zoom recorder died on us, I have some voice memos where my child held my phone up to the automated tour recorders they give you. I haven’t edited it yet. Those recordings could tell you all sorts of details, and I, unfortunately, can not. While it’s slightly easier to go to the museum with Beebs now that she’s 8, she’s still 8 and has the attention span of a spastic cat. I wanted to get this blog up ASAP because this exhibition is only up, again reiterating, until his coming Sunday, January 14th. If you are in the Cleveland area, get thee to the museum. The artwork was stunning, the furniture was drool-worthy, the craftsmanship of the jewelry and accessories was mind-blowing. I am also not going to lie, we also spent a good deal of time picking out what dress, cape and accessories we would have worn had we lived in that time period.

It was such a lovely afternoon, and man, I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to take my kid to such a great Museum. Art is pretty rad. Stay warm, friends.


1920s bathing suit – definitely not warm enough in Cleveland for this. My daughter remarked “That was a bathing suit?!”


Capes! Why can’t capes come back in style?


These dresses.


More dresses. There was furniture, too. But it’s hard to get my 8-year-old interested in furniture.


This chandelier, coupled with the wall color and the surrounding pieces, was truly stunning.


Postscript: Beebs and I also highly recommend ordering the cheeseburger and mac and cheese in the Museum Cafe. Priorities people.

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