Other Projects

I don’t know how you feel about astrology, personally I am into it, and I need to let you know that I am a Gemini. What does that mean? My brain is everywhere, I have a lot of interests, and I get bored easily. I have a lot of ideas and projects going on – this year I am hoping to reel in my attention and get some tangible things accomplished. Here are a few things I am working on so far.


Tiny Creatives

A developing art program, inspired by my daughter. This is a very challenging project with all sorts of complicated details that I didn’t foresee. Not giving up yet, though.

We also have two podcast episodes that can be found here —–> HERE.

The Red Heart Method

I love making jewelry, creating various works of art, as well as dabbling in vintage and upcycling.

DJ Shambles

I used to DJ at my community college when I was 19. I had always wanted to play music and learn how to DJ with present day technology, so at age 40 I said fuck it, life is short. I just hosted my first night and hope to do more gigs this year.