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by Brandi McElhatten

Hey there! Welcome to the first Handmade Heartbeat, our ongoing series that will highlight our, and hopefully your, favorite handmade artists. 

Alexander Draven of Exquisite Corpse BoutiqueToday I want to introduce you to Alexander Draven of Exquisite Corpse Boutique. I first met Alex when I was a vendor at Akron’s Crafty Mart. I was really drawn to his handmade jewelry and clocks/watches that celebrated all things geeky and macabre.

Exquisite Corpse Boutique's Eye necklace.

I recently saw this bad boy on Instagram and was really pretty excited about it. My initial thoughts were that it was supposed to be an Evil Eye talisman. I contacted Alexander and asked him to fill me in on one of his newest works.

First, what inspired your necklace? 

I was looking through old sketchbooks around Christmas time for a bit of inspiration and came across an old sketch from 2003. The same page with the very first Corset Ring & Nail Ring had a rough pencil doodle for the eye pendant. I don’t remember the thought behind it, but I’m guessing it had something to do with the fact that Lord of the Rings had just come out and I wanted a Sauron pendant. It wasn’t until March when I remembered the design again when I was playing with some new settings & stones in the studio. There was a lot of great stuff in those sketchbooks so look forward to more beauties soon.

 Is there anything special about it readers should know?

Like most of my Artwork, jewelry & timepieces I like to let the viewer/owner attach meaning and sentiment to what I created. I could (and do) have meaning and purpose behind my work but once it leaves my studio everyone that sees what I’ve done will embed themselves onto the piece. When I see one of my clients at a show or on the street they always tell me how much they love their item and what it means to them. That really means a lot to me.

What are the specs of the necklace? 

The stone/eyes are 12mm and the over all piece is 19mm (about 3/4″). All sterling silver & comes with a 16″ chain. It’s priced at $40.

What notable shows are you doing this Summer? 

There are a lot of great shows I’m lucky to be a part of this summer. Crafty Mart & CLE Bazaar are having reoccurring shows, and I am also doing a few wine events for the first time which will be pretty interesting. I have one free weekend in July (for vacation) and I have filled my schedule up to ensure I’ll never sleep again! I update my website ( with upcoming shows so check back often. I am currently getting ready for Chicago’s C2E2 happening April 24-26 and right after that I will be part of Crafty Mart’s pop-up shop with the Akron Art Walk as well as Oddmall the weekend of May 2nd & 3rd.

Be sure to follow Alex on Instagram and on Facebook to keep up to date on his future projects.

Until next time. . .Make or DIY!

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