Living Local: Walnut Wednesdays // Round 5

by Keith Kanderski

Walnut Wednesdays – June 24th

The passageway to summer in downtown Cleveland starts with Walnut Wednesdays, on the corner of East 12th and Walnut. This event is a gathering of food trucks and typically includes performances by local musicians. It will happen each and every Wednesday (rain or shine) from May 6th – September 30th from 11am – 1:30pm. The goal for me is to patronize a different truck each week.

Walnut Wednesday June24

An absolutely beautiful day. I could have stayed outside all day, slowing eating my lunch, listening to the band play, watching the people walk by. 

 Truck: Touch Supper Truck

Pork Belly | Tofu | Blackened Shrimp
Pork Belly | Tofu | Blackened Shrimp

Today’s stop is at the Touch Supper Truck, which is the extension of Touch Supper Club in Ohio City. I have not yet been to the club (was actually thinking of taking my wife there on our last date, but they were re-modeling – we went to Urban Farmer instead, which was unbelievably good). The truck, though, to be honest, I have visited many times before. Despite my goal of hitting a different truck each week, I usually make an exception during the season with Touch because I’ll get a taste for their tacos, which I think, so far, are the best around.

The tacos are $4 each, 2 for $7, or 3 for $10, which I think is the norm for all the taco trucks. I ordered a Tofu, Shrimp, and Pork Belly. The spice on the shrimp and tofu is great. It’s spicy in a flavorful way, not so much that it causes your nose to run for hours after. The flour tortillas work really well with the proteins and fillings. Sometimes, I do like the corn tortillas, but I’m mostly a flour tortilla person, liking the corn as a filler instead.

The tacos themselves seem much cleaner than some of the others I’ve had, which, I think, is what also attracts me. This time around, though, it was either the tofu or the shrimp (I’m thinking it may have been the Touch Sauce on the shrimp) came dripping out the back of the taco. Luckily, I was holding over the basket, and the sauce dripping over the other tacos did not negatively impact their flavor. In most cases, my tacos are a complete mess while I’m trying to eat them, so I appreciate the relative ease I’m able to eat these with.

Aside from comparable prices to the other taco trucks and the excellent food, the staff is friendly, and I’ve never had an issue with an incorrect order. Finally, I usually am not waiting very long for my order to come out, either. Although I usually stick with the tacos (even though I tell myself I need to try some of their other items), they do have pierogies, fries, and sandwiches as well. If they are half as good as the tacos, then you can’t go wrong with any of their menu items.

Just look for the Touch girls
Just look for the Touch girls

Which trucks will be there next week? What will be on their menus? Which one will I try? Tune in next week. Same truck time. Same truck channel.

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