Seedlings, from the window ledge to the garden.

 by Brandi McElhatten

Starting seeds indoors, without a fancy set-up and limited gardening knowledge, can sometimes be a great game of discovery. In the past, I have accidentally grown tiny mushrooms, mistaken a plant that was not basil for basil – – and then made the non-basil plant into a pesto (I am not kidding, thank goodness zinnia leaves aren’t poisonous), tended a giant weed for weeks before I realized it was not a vegetable that I had planted, and watered pots of dirt for weeks to no avail. I have gotten better over the years. Now, I actually look information up, try to adhere to instructions, and thankfully, have not repeated my pesto incident. I am also pretty good with getting my seeds to grow now. The bean plants – always the ones who start first and incredible growers to boot are already in the ground, but here are some of the new plants on the block. 


Moonflower seedlings


Echinacea seedlings
Coneflower seedlings, aka Echinacea


Sage seedlings


Jalapeños (front two), and tomato seedlings in background


purple cherokee seedlings
Tomato seedlings, heirloom Purple Cherokee

I am really looking forward to our backyard garden this year, Cleveland weather can be tricky so it will be interesting to see what crops do well. I can’t wait to share it with you. What are you growing? Do you have any gardening tips to share? Please feel free to comment below! I’d love to hear. 


1 thought on “Seedlings, from the window ledge to the garden.”

  1. I’m trying to grow corn from seed. My first attempt was indoors in pots – NOTHING grew. I now have a set of pots outside and THIRTY sets of 2 to 3 seeds sown directly in the ground. Fingers crossed. I’m really hoping for a cornfield this year!

    On a positive note – the guinea pig is already eating radishes I started from seed earlier this spring 🙂

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