The Wild, Wonderful, and Weird World of Social Media.


I am starting the Make or DIY section of the blog off pretty quietly. I promise to add more fun and wonderful things very soon. I wanted to talk about something that has been on my mind a lot lately.


As I have been trying to ramp up my social media reach, I have been encountering the weirdest things. Primarily with Instagram, and mostly in the past year since I have been using the app more frequently.

First, the amount of spam requests is getting a little out of hand. The ones where it may be a call girl service. . .or someone’s really awkward vacation photos? I don’t even know. But I want them to go away. The other ones I hate are the weird ad/promo ones for products that probably shouldn’t be on IG.

It’s a photography website! Gah!

Oh, and the people who are like “add for an add”. *stomp* No. You adding me is not that important. Or, the people who pop on your IG feed and say “Wow” after a photo you took in expectation of you adding them. The problem arises is they forget they already did it on your account, then they do it again after you post a photo of your collection of glues and adhesives. That happened. That photo was not Wow-worthy. So busted.

The other problem I am having, and this may seem ridiculous, is I have followed so many people that I no longer see a lot of the IG feeds that I want to. It’s a bummer because that’s the whole point of IG to me.

Can too much of a good thing be bad? In this case, it kind of can.

How have I solved this? Well, I haven’t solved it 100%. First, I unfollowed people or companies that weren’t really inspiring me or making me giggle, who were posting a bunch of the same things, or who had stopped updating their account. I apologize if you are reading this and I have unfollowed you. Um, it’s not you, it’s me?

Second, I downloaded Iconosquare at the suggestion of Grace Bonney. She didn’t suggest it to me personally . . but on this particular episode of her podcast she did. I downloaded Iconosquare and besides all sorts of analytics and random factoids, I can also discover who unfollowed me – which has a drawback I will touch on later – but can be useful for things like this because well, now you have a list of people who you can unfollow! Most of the people in this folder are the accounts of people most likely who were just after you as a notch on their follower belt. (I told you social media was weird.) The down side is you may inevitably find some people you may actually like who have unfollowed you. This sucks. It hurts and it might be a little weird, but don’t take it personally. You have nothing to worry about unless it’s a good friend or your significant other – because then there may be conversations to be had.

Let it be known that it’s also not lost on me that I am trying to reach more people while complaining that I myself follow too many people. Oh, the tangled web we weave. . . .it’s all very confusing.

Those are my thoughts on Instagram for the night. Social media is really weird, but it can still be awesome. More on that later.

Thanks for reading!

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